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Favorite Series
Love this TV show. Peter Falk did a good job when it came to portraying Columbo :D
I always watch Monk while I sleep. I pretty much have all the episodes memorize or at least can tell you the storyline just by the title of the episodes :P.
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Cheesy and all, but what did you expect for being in the 90's? Dean Cain will always be my Superman :D
No matter how many times I watch this. I can never get tired of watching it. It's worthy every minute of my time when marathon comes around for me. I just watched it for the third time this year in 2018 and I died laughing so hard because it's just that great. Great chemistry and comedy throughout the whole show. A show that I'm always going to enjoy no matter how old I get. Camelot was my favorite childhood story growing up so this means a lot to me.
Grimm Season 6 Episode 1
I started Grimm and within 2 weeks I was all caught up for when season 6 began. Can't wait to watch the final season.
When Calls The Heart Season 4 Episode 1
I really love this episode I can't wait for the full season of four.